Our Story

It was love at first taste...

My sister enthusiastically introduced me to the Ariston products. I was skeptical because isn't all olive oil and balsamic vinegar basically the same? I was so wrong!

I have always used extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), but none compare to what Ariston offers. I then got hooked on the infused oils and the dipping oils (by the way, dipping oils aren't just for dipping). These oils give you gourmet taste right in your own kitchen. I have all the flavors in my kitchen and it is heaven!  I feel like an artist with a palette of flavors to create my own masterpiece.

I was not a big fan of balsamic vinegar, but that has so changed. The Ariston balsamic vinegars are fantastic. I use them on salads, on sandwiches, marinades, cooking, on ice cream, on yogurt, make balsamic glaze —the list is endless.

I got the privilege of meeting the Ariston family. They are super people that are so proud of their product and so dedicated to providing the very best. They treat everyone like family and are very generous and kind people.

I was hooked—the products are great and the people are fantastic. That is a winning combination. I strongly believe in the family and their products. I share in their enthusiasm and want to help make the product available to everyone. The simplicity of adding exceptional flavor to an every day meal provides a great way to join the family and make for every day enjoyment.  In addition to making every meal amazing, EVOO and balsamic provide health benefits!
My sister and I joined forces to make this product available beyond the specialty stores - the birth of Olive Oils and Balsamics, LLC. We also want to help educating people with how simple it is to enjoy the flavors every day at home. You don't need to be a chef!  

We decided to expand our product line to include accessories that enhance the eating experience to make you feel like every day is a special event.  The pieces that we offer are made here in the US by craftsmen.  The accessories are works of art that provide for an exceptional experience every day in your own home.  It is nice to come home from work and have an awesome tasting dinner enhanced by one of a kind artistic pieces right at your kitchen table.  

In addition to the accessories, we offer gift baskets.  The baskets are great for a wide variety of occasions - go beyond the usual flowers or fruit baskets.  Give someone elegance and the pleasure of exceptional quality food items that will be greatly enjoyed.  These gift  baskets make a memorable gift.  We have sample gift baskets on the site and can also customize to meet your needs.  


We want to provide high quality and healthy products made and sold by local artisans at a reasonable price for all to enjoy. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and balsamic vinegars contain antioxidant.  An article in Nutrition Research Reviews ((2005), 18, 98–112) states that “the normal consumption of extra-virgin olive oil, which is rich in polyphenolic compounds, antioxidant substances that combat the free radicals, could contribute, in appropriate amounts (three to five spoonfuls per d, in a balanced diet), together with other biologically active compounds, to reduce the risk of development of these pathologies (cardiovascular diseases and certain kinds of cancer).”

Another article in Public Health Nutrition (Volume 9 / Issue 02 / April 2006, pp 251-257), “…explain the possible mechanisms through which monounsaturated fatty acids, and specifically olive oil as the major dietary source of this type of fat in Mediterranean countries, could exert a favourable effect on blood pressure.”   These are just a couple examples of prestigious articles about the positive effects of olive oil.

Substituting balsamic vinegar for any salad dressing and adding balsamic to flavor any meal can replace fatty and high calorie dressings and sauces – a great tasting meal without the high fat and calories.  New Health Guide lists 8 benefits of balsamic vinegar:  antioxidant, fighting cancer, reducing heart attack risks, pain reliever, digestive promotion, weight loss, diabetes control and bone health.

Any food products that we sell will come from farmers, bakers, etc. that use fresh, natural ingredients.  We like to get the products directly from the source, so that we know the creators and can see that the products come from quality ingredients.


Ariston olive oil comes directly from their farms and those of small cooperatives that they know.  It is pure extra virgin olive oil.  The family ensures that the olives and olive oil are of the finest quality and actively manage the process from harvest to delivery.  The olives are harvested and the olive oil is extracted within 24 hours.

The Ariston preserves are made with 100% Greek fresh fruit, which is never frozen.  The fig preserves are made from the mighty Kalamata figs that are just as famous as the Kalamata olives.  Ariston honey is think and all natural; it comes from the Messinian region of Greece and is the product of bees in their natural environment.

Ariston balsamic vinegar is made in Modena, Italy.  Ariston works very closely with a farmer in Modena to ensure high quality and delicious balsamic vinegar.  They work together to come up with new flavors for everyone to enjoy  The 4-leaf organic balsamic is a top of the line balsamic!

By using local artisans, we can meet them and discuss what products complement our food products and are pleasing to our customers.  We try all the products ourselves before making them available to make sure that the products meet expectations.  We like to build strong partnerships with the artisans, so that together we can design and make one of a kind pieces available to our customers. 

We hope you enjoy our products and treat yourself everyday by enjoying the gourmet taste with artistic flare.  

Make every day special!